Artists Working Under the Umbrella

  • Ian Alderman
  • Rachel Alderman
  • Charlie Alexander
  • Janie Alexander
  • Dana Astmann
  • Ken Baldino
  • Jacy Barber
  • Dave Baker
  • Nadir Balan
  • Colin Caplan
  • Ian Dunn
  • Brandon Fuller
  • Matthew Gaffney
  • Chrissy Gardner
  • Danny Gardner
  • Elizabeth Gardner
  • Ryan Gardner
  • Beja Ginage
  • Tony Grinage
  • Ben Haverkamph
  • Aric Isaacs
  • Robin Levine
  • Jes Mack
  • Lou Mangini
  • Jen McClure
  • Michelle Ortiz
  • Ruben Ortiz
  • Sharon Reinhart
  • Mary Jane Smith
  • Michael Smith
  • Robert Shapiro
  • Jason Wells
  • Kristen Yngve


A Broken Umbrella Theatre is committed to enhancing the vitality of our community, supporting the creative growth of our ensemble, and presenting compelling theatrical events with a commitment to aesthetic rigor, that are inspired by the unique history of New Haven, Connecticut.

We Value

  • Ensemble creation
  • New work
  • Re-imagined works from the past
  • Community partnerships
  • Quality multi-generational experiences


A long time ago in a far away land called Allentown, PA a group of creative and hyper theatre majors at Muhlenberg College formed the Uninvited Guests Comedy Troupe. Traveling up and down the east coast, they made the people laugh.

A few years after graduation, the original band of brothers were clamoring for an opportunity to collaborate with other artists (and genders) beyond their improv and sketch comedy borders and agreed to call this new venture: A BROKEN UMBRELLA THEATRE.

In August of 2002, in collaboration with Our Shoes Are Red: a theatre laboratory, they mounted a production of Waiting for Godot. The show was successful, but as it happens in life, the band went on hiatus as the members went in search of things like graduate school, paid acting gigs, marriage and excellent surfing conditions in Hawaii.

The next chapter was just around the corner, however, and in 2008 the band got back together in New Haven, CT.

Inspired by the history and the thriving arts community in their Westville neighborhood, the members of A BROKEN UMBRELLA THEATRE took to Edgewood Park and started creating site-specific original work for audiences of all ages with amazing community partners.

Slowly but surely, the ensemble has become larger, in part because people started having babies, but also because risk-taking theatre artists who live in the New Haven Region joined forces with the original band to take all of their skills, ideas and dreams to the next level.

Artists from across Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and that one guy who stayed in Hawaii continue to contribute to the growth of A BROKEN UMBRELLA THEATRE and the audiences we serve.

The band creating under our umbrella is approximately 30 ensemble members strong and marching on…