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Great Adaptations Arts Award

Connecticut Critics Offer Nominations, Special Awards For Season's Best

"Rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, South African playwright Athol Fugard and New Haven’s Broken Umbrella Theatre will be recognized for their special contributions to theater in the state at the Connecticut Critics Circle Awards ceremony this month."
- Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant

'Gilbert the Great' Imaginative Tale With Impressive Ensemble

"This very talented theater company once again shows its theatrical ingenuity as it mines local history and spins an imaginative tale that transcends mere biography and New Haven boosterism."
- Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant


"[A.C. Gilbert’s grandson] said he found Great to be an 'honest, very real, emotional and spiritual experience.'"
- Bonnie Goldberg, Daily Nutmeg

He's the Boss

"Fast, loose, with an almost telepathic sense of how to make its multiple character scenes, occurring in multiple locations, jell to impart information and entertain, Gilbert the Great is a fittingly ambitious tribute to this many-sided patriarch.."
- Donald Brown, New Haven Review

Inventive Theater Opens Friday: A Broken Umbrella Theatre is Back

"...the troupe [has] the opportunity to work in certain fantastical elements, a bit of magical realism (fitting enough for a guy who was a magician), and unexpected developments."
- Donald Brown, New Haven Review

A Broken Umbrella Theatre tells A.C. Gilbert story in Erector Square

TV’s cheesy ghost-hunt shows can’t compare to an artistic conjuring in the actual site where history played out."
- Joe Amarante, New Haven Register

Great Gilbert Lives

As actors prepare to bring new life to a famed New Haven toy inventor’s former factory floor, they feel the mythical man’s presence, watching over their shoulders."
- Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent

Converging Arts & Ideas: Corsets, Bikes, Science and A String Quartet [audio]

Listen to Freewheelers song, "The Beat that Calls You" and an interview with Chrissy Gardner and Rachel Alderman (starting at 20:40).
- John Dankosky, Where We Live – WNPR

"Freewheelers" A Polished Production

"But Broken Umbrella Theatre shows in this work that its artistry is as great as any major theater in Connecticut. It's got the goods as well as the girdles."
- Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant

Stage 8 Presents: Freewheelers [video]

"It's a really immersive theatrical experience."

A Broken Umbrella Theatre spins a uniquely New Haven tale in 'Freewheelers'

"Over the years, they’ve taken audiences back in time, looking at the secret locations that abound in our fair city and bringing up stories from the past."
- Sandi Kahn Shelton, New Haven Register

International Festival of Arts & Ideas: Where Elevators, Bicycles, and Fairies Meet

"Freewheelers were women who rode around on bicycles in the 1890s—a shocking thing at the time."
- Amy J. Barry,

2013 Arts and Ideas festival gets underway in New Haven

"The bike gave [women] permission – or rather, they took it – to make their own strides."
- Scott Gargan, Connecticut Post

A freewheeling way with history

" get glimpses into these treasures in New Haven that you wouldn’t experience otherwise."
- Hank Hoffman, The Arts Paper

Library Bards

"For local theater enthusiasts and library cardholders, The Library Project is a must-see and a must-read without a hint of mustiness."
- Christopher Arnott, Daily Nutmeg

Spooky fun with a broken umbrella [video]

"Just in time for some Halloween family fun, the Broken Umbrella Theatre has a spooktacular set of shows coming up."

Imminent Theater

"If earlier ABUT projects are any indication, the show will be entertaining, lively, and fun for viewers age 8 and up."
- Donald Brown, New Haven Review

A Tree Grows on Elm Street

"A Broken Umbrella productions are born out of a freewheeling collaborative brainstorming process involving on-site inspiration from unexpected performance spaces, deep research into New Haven history, and flights of fancy."
- Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent

A Broken Umbrella Theatre Presents THE LIBRARY PROJECT, 10/20-11/4

"A group of up and coming theatre professionals have been hard at work writing, composing, directing and choreographing the newest theatrical adventure…"

Acting Local: A Broken Umbrella troupe celebrates place

"By exploring the notion or entity of the library in relation to the past and present, A Broken Umbrella plans to spin some sly and scandalous secrets that many in the city haven’t been privy to just yet."
- Courtney McCarroll, The Arts Paper

A Broken Umbrella Theatre dances and sings in New Haven library

"It takes full advantage of both A Broken Umbrella’s talents as masters of site-specific theater and the library’s history and expansive Cass Gilbert-designed building."
- Donna Doherty, New Haven Register

We Like Bikes

"If you have small children and take them to live performances, you won’t want to miss this..."
- Donald Brown, New Haven Review

Hot Wheels & Reclaimed Doors

" overflow crowd watched...actors turn New Haven cycling history into modern musical mayhem in 'Head Over Wheels.'"
- David Sepulveda, New Haven Independent

Pierre Rides Again

"With the blessing of bike angel “LaLa Lallement,” a local theater company is delving into New Haven’s two-wheeled past to help a nervous accountant confront his fear of the velocipede."
- Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent

Artwalk in Westville has a full palette of fun things to see and do

"...a bike shop set that looks so authentic, cyclists have stopped to ask if a new bike shop has opened."
- Donna Doherty, New Haven Register

2011 Arts Awards honorees have knack for transformation

"A Broken Umbrella Theatre is never going to considered another community theater company, even though entertaining community with original productions in unexpected places is its raison d’etre."
- New Haven Register

A “Match” Struck In Westville

"The 25-member group has hit upon a winning combination of reaching into New Haven history and bringing the past to life, often with a spooky Halloween edge."
- Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent

Matching the Setting

"A Broken Umbrella Theatre is noted for developing original works to stage in unlikely and/or inspiring places and, with the set and setting in Play With Matches they’ve made a striking match."
- Donald Brown, New Haven Review

The Play With Matches Review

Play With Matches scores with solid preparation, elegant presentation, awesome amibience, ambitious scripting and audacious acting."
- Christopher Arnott, The New Haven Theater Jerk

Broken Umbrella takes us to a boiler room for its Halloween show [video]

"'It’s Scooby-Doo meets ‘The Goonies’ meets ‘Back to the Future,’ with a crazy, Willy Wonka-like inventor...'"
- Jim Shelton, New Haven Register

Match Points: A Broken Umbrella Theatre’s Ian Alderman sheds light on Play With Matches

“The company isn’t just creative with its use of space. It openly plays with concepts of time and human energy as well."
- Christopher Arnott, The New Haven Theater Jerk

Theatre News

"Arts Council Award-Winning local theater group Broken Umbrella debuts its first play of the season this weekend..."
- The New Haven Review

Play with Matches Premieres in Old New Haven Warehouse

"This sounds creepy and (potentially) fun."
- Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant

A Broken Umbrella Strikes Westville Again

"A Broken Umbrella Theatre Company delights in site-specific productions that bring to light darkened corners of New Haven history."
- Christopher Arnott, The New Haven Theater Jerk

VaudeVillain: Frightfully good fun [video]

"This fall, the line between fact and fiction thins to a blur when the audience is lead on a 'who done it? psychological, Halloween adventure traveling through every room in Lyric Hall Antiques & Conservation"
- Good Morning Connecticut, News 8 WTNH

At Vaudeville House, a 1913 Murder Revisited

"As the curtain went up on a new theater production in Westville, a century-old character came out of retirement—and reclaimed an ancient role."
- Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent

VaudeVillain, a Murder Done Up Broken Umbrella Theatre Style

"Ripped from the headlines. It’s the stuff that TV cop shows and more than a few notable films and plays have been made of. Now, thanks to the clever people at A Broken Umbrella Theatre, the conceit is coming to Westville."
- Jim Shelton, New Haven Register

Smiles Under The Umbrellas

"Rain fell intermittently, but theatergoers were undeterred as a sea of umbrellas blossomed over an entranced gathering for the reprise of iMarvel, a play by A Broken Umbrella Theatre Company."
- David Sepulveda, New Haven Independent

ARTS PICK: "Marvel" at Edgewood is Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

"As they say, “In a world of gadgets, gizmos and gigabytes, only the Marvels can get you to power down your smart phone and make time to dream.” If you don’t leave this with a smile on your face, then you may need to befriend a computer."
- Donna Doherty, New Haven Register

Spooky Show Hits New Haven [video]

"Ian and Rachel Alderman are part of the Broken Umbrella Theatre Company and they told 'Good Morning Connecticut' all about a chilling tale called Thunderbolt."
- Good Morning Connecticut, News 8 WTNH

In a spooky part of Edgewood Park: "Pirate of Westville" comes to life in Thunderbolt

"Thunderbolt simply HAS to be scary. Consider its components: 1) Pirates. 2) A ghost story. 3) A dark tunnel under a bridge. 4) Halloween. Come on, now. Tell us that’s not a chilling inventory.
- Jim Shelton, New Haven Register

Ahoy, Hallow’s Eve Mateys!

"He only looks like Ian Alderman, an ordinary harmless Westvillian. And that U-shaped space dark and dank down by the West River? It only appears to be the tunnel under Edgewood Avenue. Shiver me timbers, don’t be fooled."
- Allan Appel, New Haven Independent